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How BmblBee Got Started

So I’ve probably told this story like 200 times but why not tell it again. I’ve always been surrounded by businesses. Going back way far my great-great-grandmother on my father’s side (I think) opened a cardboard or paper products shop. I think that’s it… I was told this story and couldn’t find it anywhere on line. But this was big because she was a woman opening a business in the 1800’s. But my mom started a massage brand called Rub which she started when I was a baby, she stopped taking clients because she didn’t have time because she was working in the OR. My father also started a reselling business after my grandma brought all his legos over and he sold them and made a lot of money so he started doing it professionally buying lots of legos and then going to Walmarts and Targets during clearance to buy out everything. That’s just the short explanation, my dad could go into crazy details… But his shop will be at the bottom of this post if you want to check it out. He sells a ton more though. My mom also has a jam and casserole business (website also inked below) that she started her jam business after she made to much strawberry jam (no joke) and the casseroles came during COVID when she wanted to make parent’s lives easier. I got inspired by the (3 no wait 5) businesses that have been in my family. I started making jewelry after a friend’s mom made me a mask lanyard and my mom and I started making a ton of jewelry… like a ton. Like 10 pieces a day. Then I thought about selling them and bam here we are. I started making inventory and officially opened my Etsy shop on December 22, 2020. I celebrated my 1st anniversary on a cruise… with 0 WiFi… so we are going to do that again… 

Thanks for reading my post! Have an amazing day friend!

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