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Creating a Collection

If you don't know I have had a few collections, and they are really taxing to make. It may not seem like it but they take a long time. Here, I am going to guide you through creating a  collection


1. Vision Board

So what I first do is create a vision board. This can just be a few photos with colors or a full on vision board with characters, colors, washi tape, and pinterest photos to give me a better idea of what I was invisioning. Some ideas are very vague, and others are extremely detailed.


2. Concept Art

I use an app called Paper by One to make concept art for each piece of jewelry. I usually create pretty vague drawings to give my future self some room for creativity and development. I have only had a few jewelry pieces that come out exactly like they are drawn. For example I had someone want me to make them a chunky Drax necklace I did a draw up, showed it to them, they liked it, I made it slightly differently but they looked very close to the drawing.


3. Making

This may be the most important stage. The making of the jewelry. This takes hours but is 100% worth it. I recently made most of a collection in 1 night and my back was killing me and it took me around 4-6 hours... woah


4. Photography

Next, usually the day after I make the jewelry I will take photos on my little desk and they will sit in my phone for weeks before I get around to the next step. But this may be one of the most theraputic because personally I love photography.


5. Listings

UGH I personally hate this step. It is really boring and tedious. Don't EVEN get me started on me having to make over 100 listing for my website. It had taken me over 1 1/2 months because it's so tedious. But if you ask any small business owners what their least favorite business part in. It will be this. No hesitation


6. Posting Day!

This is so exciting for any SBO I love it. It is so exciting and for me it really allows me to connect with my audience and followers because I feel like when I release this there is someone just sitting by their computer waiting for me to drop it. THis is totally implausible but I have personally done it for another small business... I waited for hours for Jack & Bec's pride drop to buy their pride flag and I got it! It actually sold out within seconds... I was super lucky.


Thank you so much for reading my post and I'm so happy that you chose to read this far. See you later guys!

-Bmblbee (Harper)


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